VL17036 Carolina Valet

Carolina Valet, Wood in Mahogany with Brass Hardware

Data sheet

Height 47.25"
Width 19"
Depth 14"
Weight 16 lbs
Feature1 Dimension: 19" W x 14" D x 47.25" H; Weight: 16 lbs
Feature2 3 Drawers with Brass Chrome Metal Parts: Elegant design for the knobs on the 3 drawers and a big felted tray help store and organize many personal belongings: wallet, watch, keys, cell phone, and other small items.
Feature3 Curved Wide Shoulder Hanger: A wooden hanger on the top is for coats, suits, jackets and shirts.
Feature4 Front Trouser Bar : The non slip rubber sleeve around the metal bar holds the pants and clothes.
Feature5 Shoe Rack Base: The base of the Valet is also a shoe rack for your convenience.

Carolina Valet is elegantly designed with brass hardware, mahogany color, 3 big drawers, and a spacious top felted tray. It offers a precious feeling to your room where it is placed.  The valet is so functional that you can hang suit, trousers, tie, belt, and other clothes.  It can also help you store the personal items, like wallet, watch, keys, cell phone, pen, coins, and more.