VL17035 Laguna Valet

Laguna Valet, medium walnut color for tray and hanger, natural color for body, chrome hardware

Data sheet

Height 47"
Width 17.75"
Depth 14"
Weight 11 lbs
Feature1 Dimension: 17.75" W x 14" D x 47" H; Weight: 11 lbs
Feature2 Curved Wide Shoulder Hanger: A wooden hanger on the top is for coats, suits, jackets and shirts.
Feature3 Two Big Rectangular Felt Tray : The two medium walnut trays help store and organize many personal belongings: wallet, watch, keys, cell phone, and other small items.
Feature4 Front Trouser and 2 Sides Bars : The front trouser bar with non slip rubber sleeve holds the pants and clothes without slipping off. The bars help keep the belt, tie, and scarf.
Feature5 Stylish Crossed Legs and Ski Base: A unique design for a valet with crossed legs sliding on the skis which make the valet very different from the traditional.

Laguna Valet is a very stylish and elegant piece of furniture that you really want to have it at home and office.  It comes with 2 color tones; medium walnut and natural.  Two rectangular trays, one on top of the other, carved with a thin line around the sides of each tray, make the valet a piece of decor more than just a wood furniture.  The supports of the valet are more stylish than the traditional, which is designed in crossed legs standing on the "skis".  There are 3 chrome metal bars by the sides of the bottom tray. The whole product helps hang coats, suit, shirt, trousers, tie, belt, scarf, and other garment items. The trays hold wallet, keys, cell phone, watch, pen, bracelets, and any personal items. This valet is a valuable item for anyone who looks for differences.